Who is Champion Salt, LLC?

We’re a bulk de-icing road salt supplier selling premium U.S. roadway grade de-icing salt to snow plow contractors, municipalities and distributors. Champion Salt, LLC has positioned itself in the marketplace to offer its customers a bulk  salt solution in times of product shortages and fierce winter weather.

Our company was formed as a result of industry leaders coming together to provide customers with cost-effective de-icing road salt solutions.

We are in the business of selling bulk de-icing road salt to commercial and municipal customers, large and small, and everywhere in between. Our customers include private snow plow contractors, municipalities, distributors and wholesalers.

Our de-icing rock salt is mined from the earth, crushed and processed for U.S. roadway specifications and treated scientifically with an anti-caking agent to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our rock salt products are sold two ways: (1) In bulk, by the ton, and (2) bagged, on pallets, typically consisting of fifty-pound bags of pre-packaged rock salt.