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We do bulk salt!

We are in the business of selling bulk de-icing salt to commercial and municipal customers, large and small, and everywhere in between. Our customers include private snow plow contractors, municipalities, distributors and wholesalers.

We're In Your Corner!

What’s high-quality salt without great service? Let us take care of your needs with convenient pickup or delivery options, extended hours during storms and quick service to get you back out on the road.

Our Services

Pick-up or Delivery!

We understand that not every customer has the logistics in place to pick up tons of salt from our depots. Specify at the time of order that you are looking for a price quote with delivery and our sales staff would be happy to provide you a price that includes delivery costs to your desired destination. If you are in need of splitting your order into staggered deliveries over the course of the winter snow plowing season, we can also provide you with a customized price quote to accommodate your storage and supply needs.

Arrange for delivery of bulk de-icing road salt using top notch logistics companies, to bring our salt directly to you. Additional fees apply.

Arrange for our storage all or some of your bulk salt order, with one or more staggered deliveries to you over the course of the snow plowing season on preset delivery dates. Additional fees apply.

Order in Advance for Best Pricing & Availability!

You are probably aware that all salt producers, including ours, work multiple shifts throughout the year,
just to supply enough salt for the following season.


Further, winter weather also causes seaport and waterway closures, and hampers truck and rail routes. Thus, our customers are strongly encouraged to order their annual supply of bulk salt from March through July for the forthcoming snow season.

We can also take orders in late summer and early fall, but ordering early and ordering in bulk will be your best strategic plan to avoid a supply shortage or supply interruption for your business.  If our supplies last, we will continue to offer bulk salt and bagged salt during the winter season, so please don’t be afraid to check our supplies.

Premium Quality Bulk Salt

Our bulk rock salt is custom produced specifically for our business.  Our de-icing salt has the highest purity ratings, and the lowest moisture content. We will never compromise the integrity of our salt by cutting corners or accepting  salt that does not meet our exceedingly high composition requirements. Our salt always has a NaCl purity content of 96% or greater, and a moisture content of less than 2%. Our bulk salt customers will receive a mix containing salt crystals ranging from 1 mm to 12 mm in size, with a well-balanced mix.  Our salt will never contain excessive moisture or impurities, which is a common way for inferior suppliers to inexpensively increase their supplies. All de-icing salt from Champion Salt, LLC is high quality and carefully produced.

Please feel free to email us directly, or call us on our business number listed below for a free price quote.